Could you give a permanent home to a Cat or Kitten, Dog or Puppy?


Have you thought about getting a companion for your current pet?

To find out more either call us on 087 394 1441 or message us here.

Please do not ask for, or expect a free dog or cat.

We find it very offensive to the animals and our work if people do not want to give the donation – you are not, just doing us a favour by taking a cat or dog.  The adoption donations are what keep all rescues going and without them we cannot save dogs and cats.

Our minimum donation for cats are:

  • €60 for a Spayed/Neutered cat
  • €60 for a kitten with the option to bring it back to be Spayed/Neutered.

Our minimum donation for dogs are:

  • €170 for all other dogs who are vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and spayed /neutered.
  • €170 for puppies with the option to return for neutering once they are old enough.

These donations are vital to us in continuing our work in helping the dogs in need.

Please remember you are making a donation towards the continuing work of our rescue, you are not buying a dog/cat. Unlike some organizations we do not have a ‘sliding scale’ of prices based on age and breed of the animal.  You cannot put a price on a living being and deem one to be worth more or less than another.

Adopters must agree to keep the animals as a pet (unless otherwise agreed, eg. barn cats), they cannot take a pet and make it an outside animal.

If too young prior to adoption, adopters must agree to bring the animal back for vaccinations AND neutering

We want the vaccines followed through each year plus Worming and any other medical treatment needed by the animal.

Your Initial Enquiry

We will discuss your needs in terms of a cat or dog and decide whether the animal in question is suitable for your circumstances, if not, we will make suggestions towards the type of animal you should be looking at to suit your family and environment.


Homechecks are carried out to ensure that the animal is going to a suitable home.  There are specific requirements that we look for when doing a homecheck.

While some people may be insulted or intimidated by a home check, it’s important to realise that it’s not about you – it’s about being sure the companion you are thinking of adopting is right for you and that your home is right for her/him.  It’s about what’s best for everyone. Find out more here.


Please remember that a dog is a huge commitment and should be taken seriously.  Most of our dogs are strays or dogs that have not had a happy life, we endeavor to place a dog in a lifetime loving home, where both the dog and owner are happy.

We have set requirements as listed below:

  • You must have a secure fenced in garden.
  • We do not re-home to people in rented accommodation, unless they have a written letter from the landlord giving permission.
  • Dogs MUST be allowed in the house. We do not rehome dogs that are kept outside all the time.
  • We do not home dogs as guard dogs.
  • We do not rehome pups to families with children under four years of age.
  • We do not rehome pups to families that are working fulltime. Puppies need time and attention and cannot be left on their own for more than four hours a day.
  • There must be daily exercise provided for the dog.
  • If a pup is adopted from us then it must be spayed/neutered once it reaches 6 months of age.

Please do not be offended if after the homecheck is carried out, the dog you initially enquired about turns out to be unsuitable for your circumstances.

This is why homechecks are very important. Just because one dog isn’t suitable for you, it doesn’t mean that another wouldn’t suit your family perfectly, and we will suggest other dogs to you.


If everyone is in agreement that this is the right animal for you and your family – and most importantly the animal is happy with you – then the adoption can take place.

Adoption Contract

Before you take a animal home you must sign an adoption contract, the terms and conditions are read and signed in front of one of our members, this contract must be adhered to.

Going Home


When you come to take your dog home, please bring a collar and lead.  Then you and the newest member of your family can begin your new life together! Please keep in contact with us as we love to hear how the dog is getting on.  We are always available to advise you should you need our assistance.


When you come to take your cat home, please bring a suitable carrier.