Benji’s Back


Bouncin off the walls here I is.  Am so gobsmackingly chuffed to be back with yers all.  My hooman was gone and I had to bunk in with some daft divil who said he was an unker, s’wat it sounded like but hey go figure, hoomans is weird folk.

Turned out my hooman was in something called a tensive care thingummy but they said he’s ok now so I HOME!!!!!!!!

I don’t wanna be rude but I’m gonna be cause I’se off to lick him and jump on him some more.  I’ll get the skinny on what’s occurin around here over the next coupla a days and get back to you with who’s gone and who’s new.

Oh yeah, one portant thing I did hear is the boss is desperate to help out some poor cats who’ve lost their hooman so hop on over to the cats for adoption page to see if you can help.

Look after yerselves all and

Yeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaa

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