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Mornin fellow woofers.  The old place hasn’t seen much change since me last message, a few new arrivals but no-one’s gone out so it’s getting a bit crowded only a couple of empty places left.  A lot of partying from the hoomans though, me old mate Billy says it’s because of something called a holiday that they have every year that lasts for 2 weeks (alright for some I says).  Anywho it seems that no-one leaves during this “holiday” so it’s all go now and the hoomans are working like mad things.  I wonder how many of me mates will get new forever homes?  I’m lucky I get to stay here permanent now the boss lady dopted me.  There was a big van in here the other day that the gaffer says was going to take the collies on a trip somewhere nice and they needed pasty ports, hoomans sure like they’re bits of paper.

Enough about the 2 legged ones, seriously I don’t know how they get about it’s no wonder they’re so slow.  I tried it meself a couple of week ago and fell over on me backside, beggar that for a game give me 4 legs any time.

Did you’se hear all that noise we got a bit back when it rained forever and the trees got all bendy, came from nowhere I swear.  I checked with the guys up the other end of the yard but no-one could see what was causing it but they was happenin alright.  Was so bad at one point that Dandy the Collie disappeared, they found him hiding in a big shed thingy shaking like a nutter, poor lad.  Diego had his back though, he shot over there and was barking good-o at the loud bangs cause they was scaring his pal.  He’s good dog is Diego, deffo someone you want on your side in a scrap.  Upside for Dandy was he got hisself a new coat what the bosses called his “Thunder Vest”.

I might try that trick meself I could do with a new coat.  Only trouble is the boss knows I ain’t a afeared o nothin, cept being lonely that is, but that’s something we all have in common in here. If the boss has her way though it’s something none of us will ever feel again.

I’m getting all soppy now so I’m off before you’se all start blubbing and me repertation is wrecked.

I’ll Be Back !!!

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