Bobbie our Yorkshire Terrior come to us as a stray he had been wandering for weeks.  He was very neglected, under weight and in awfull pain from rotten teeth. Our vet took out 20 teeth and now eats with no problems.  It is very hard to put an age on this lively little chap but by the way he acts we would say he is middle aged. 

We know that there’s a home waiting out there for him.  Can I ask you to please share and care and help us find him that perfect home. Please

Posted by Jacky Garwood on Sunday, August 19, 2018

contact Kingdom Rescue for any information many thanks

4 thoughts on “Bobbie

  1. Hello … Is Bobbie still available. We are very interested, we have a Yorkie Harry aged 5yrs and since we moved back to Ireland are looking for a company for him. He is great with other dogs and we have a 12 yr old boy who loves Harry and would love another dog….He will be made most welcome happily letting him sleep with us as does Harry …

  2. We would love to adopt Bobby, we already have a little yorkshire terrier Lucy who is 3. She is very timid but well behaved.
    Bobby would live inside and would be walked daily.There is someone in the house most of the day. Dogs would be Max 3/ 4 hours on their own.

    1. Hi Kathy, Many many thanks for your interest but sadly for yourself and happily for us we are delighted to report that Bobby has found his new forever home.

      While we currently have none animals available for adoption we do have more coming to us all the time so do please check back with here or on our facebook page

      Best Regards

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