Jimmy Choo – Shih Tzu – for adoption



“UPDATE” 30/01/2018

Jimmy has been getting well into his new home since we last heard from him.  He’s got the lady of the house wrapped around his little paw and is living the life of riley.  To be fair he has also had a huge impact on his new owners just as much as they have on him.  He’s happy, full of beans and sporting a brand new grooming that’s got him looking even more delightful than before.  He’s starting to lose that puppy fur but is still gorgeously soft and warm to snuggle.  We’ll continue to bring updates as we get them and for now we wish Jimmy and his new family all the very best.


7 thoughts on “Jimmy Choo – Shih Tzu – for adoption

  1. Hi there, my family and I are on the look out for a shih tzu to adopt! Do yoolu think Jimmy would be good with kids? Kids are 6, 6 and 9 years old. We live in dublin, and have a secure garden. I work morning 8.30-12.30 so am home the rest of the day. I look forward to hearing from you, Jimmy is gorgeous!

  2. Our beautiful dog benji died last November he was a mini yorkie. We have another yorkie rylie aged 3 1/2. He is very sad and lonely since benji died. They both lived indoors. Ryie is now so lonily he sleeps with my daughter 14 years old every night. I know he misses his companion. Benji was 7 years old and get said he had a seizer. We miss him very much. My husband works at the back of our house so our dogs were never alone. We have great space for them to play and have a dog run also but it has never been used. We would love company for rylie and would love another house dog.

  3. I would love this wee man i have a 1 ur old female spayed bitch.have large fenced in garden he would b a house dog 3 kids 15 12 3 would love him

  4. Hi I’m looking to see if jimmy choo been rehomed?? I have a 2 year old female shit Tzu looking for a brother to play with.. I live in co louth in the country, have a big garden and gates so very safe.. please let me know thank you

  5. I have private messaged regarding Jimmy. I hope to hear from you soon. Jimmy would be welcomed into a happy , living home with 2 boys aged 10, 12 years respectively. We have been looking to adopt a dog for a while now and are ready to give a pooch like Jimmy his forever home.

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