We would like you to meet Obbey a male 18 month old Shih Tzu. Obbey is looking for a home were his owner understands him as he can snap but once you understand what causes this he is very easy and such a sweet boy. We would love to get him a home with another dog and no young children. He loves company, walks, and his toys. If you are interested in giving this fabulous little fella a home please contact Kingdom Rescue and can i ask you to all please share many thanks 💜

2 thoughts on “OBBEY

    1. Dear Aishleigh,
      apologies for late reply! We have a problem with our website and your inquiry was overlooked. You may have required a dog in the mean time but if you’re still interested please fill out our adoption questionnaire from the drop down menu on front page.
      Many thanks!

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